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Synchro-Sym Technologies?
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Synchro-Sym Technologies


While Innovating For Our Clean and Sustainable Energy Future, Best Electric Machine (BEM) leveraged a portfolio of patented and patent pending technologies, called Synchro-Sym Technologies, which strategically improve or enable the Electric Vehicle Power Train, the Electric Propulsion, the Traction Control, and the Smart Grid sectors of the electricity infrastructure!

NOTE: The color coded diagram provides the overlap between the electricity infrastructure sectors and the  patented (and patent pending) portfolio of Synchro-Sym technologies leveraged by Best Electric Machine (BEM). For instance, SS-EMS (Synchro-Sym Electric Motor and Generator System) and MotorPrinter (only 3D Printer of electric motors and generators) products are "patented" and as a result, available (green). SS-EMS and MotorPrinter green outlines straddle the Electric Vehicle Power Train, the Electric Propulsion/Traction, and the Smart Grid electricity infrastructure sectors (silver) with MotorPrinter additionally straddling Synchro-Sym Enabling Technologies (yellow), such as manufacturing tools, etc.  The High Frequency Micro-Distribution Bus, Traction-Matic Vectoring, Power Stacking, and Fix/Variable Frequency Electronic Transformer are "patent pending" and as a result, non-available (blue) with their blue outlines confined to their specific electricity infrastructure sector. The MotorPrinter (patented) and the Power Stacking (patent pending) products straddle the Enabling Technologies (yellow), such as manufacturing tools, packaging techniques, etc., as well as the Electric Vehicle Power Train, the Electric Propulsion/Traction, and the Smart Grid sectors of the electricity infrastructure.

SYNCHRO-SYM Provided Technologies:

  1. Synchro-Sym Electric Motor and Generator System (SS-EMS):

    • Electric Vehicle Powertrain Sector;

    • Electric Propulsion And Traction Control Sector;

    • Smart Grid Sector;


  2. MotorPrinter (3D Printer of Electric Machines):

    • Enabling Technologies;


  3. High Frequency Multiphase Micro-Distribution Bus (HFMMB):

    • Electric Vehicle Powertrain Sector;


  4. Fix and Variable Frequency Electronic Transformers (ET):

    • Smart Grid Sector;


  5. Traction-Matic Vectoring (TMV):

    • Electric Vehicle Powertrain Sector;


  6. Power Stacking (Packaging Technique):

    • Enabling Technologies.


[SS-EMS]    [MotorPrinter]    [Power Stacking]  


[Micro-Distribution Bus]    [Traction-Matic Vectoring]    [Electronic Transformers]




Note: The Radial Flux prototyping of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System is shown as our Icon, which predates the axial-flux SS-EMS Technology.


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