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"Our symmetrical electric motor or generator system technology with field weakening and power factor correction provides a lower cost, higher efficiency, better performance, and higher torque alternative to today’s environmentally unfriendly and costly, cartel controlled permanent magnet electric motor and generator systems."





Electric Motor Or Generator System


While “Innovating for Our Energy Future,” Best Electric Machine obtained patents with patents pending for Synchro-Sym, which is an advanced Brushless Variable Speed Wound-Rotor [Synchronous] Doubly-Fed Electric Motor or Generator System that symmetrically motors and generates with five intrinsically unique attributes that significantly improve efficiency, power density, and cost over all other electric machine systems, including any permanent magnet electric machine system, before introducing customary performance enhancing techniques available to all, such dense winding arrangements, special cooling, etc.  As continually documented by experts from the wound-rotor doubly-fed electric machine research community, the five unique attributes that improve efficiency, power density, and cost are:


1.      Only electric motor or generator system with rotor real-estate actively participating in the energy conversion process:

·     Essentially, the superfluous permanent magnet (PM), reluctance, or squirrel cage rotor assembly, all of which are dormant participants in the electromechanical conversion process, is replaced with an active rotor assembly that enhances (e.g., nearly doubles) the power rating of the stator assembly, all within the same package size;

·     Up to twice the continuous power density of any other electric machine;

·     Up to half the cost.

2.      Only electric motor or generator system with constant-torque speed range to twice synchronous speed for a given pole-pair count, voltage, and frequency of excitation (i.e., 7200 rpm with 2 poles @ 60hz versus 3600 rpm for all other electric machines):

·     Highest efficiency;

·     Highest power density.

3.      Only electric motor or generator system with a dual-ported (i.e., symmetrical) transformer circuit topology that provides factors higher peak torque current (and torque) without leading to core saturation, inductive  reactance effect, or misalignment of rotating fields:

·     Core and air-gap flux density remain relatively constant with torque current;

·     No permanent magnets to potentially damage;

·     More than four times the peak torque density (and power) of other electric machine systems;

·     Field weakening control.

4.      Only electric motor or generator system with brushless "real time" control that eliminates reliance on speed-based induction while providing the simplest but highest resolution of control even at absolute zero speed or about synchronous speed:

·     Stable "synchronous" wound-rotor doubly-fed operation at any speed.

5.      Only electric motor or generator system that electronically controls less than half the system power for full uninterrupted symmetrical control during motoring or generating at any speed (including absolute synchronous speed):

·     Up to half the cost (lowest cost);

·     Up to half the loss (highest efficiency);

·     Up to half the size (highest power density).


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Electric Motor or Generator System Available,

if Cost, Efficiency, and Power Density Are The Principle Considerations!





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"Synchro-Sym Technology is showing system peak power density of 22 kW/L and peak specific power of 5 kW/kg at 1800 rpm (with electronic controller included) in accordance with third party research using DOE criteria."


"Following the basic laws of physics, Synchro-Sym Technology, which is without permanent magnets, will improve on any achievable goal for electric motor or generator systems." ##


## The US Department of Energy (DOE) goal for electric motor systems is $12/kW by 2015 and $4.7/KW by 2020 with 1.6 kW/kg and 5.7 kW/L. Driving industry to meet its goals, permanent magnets (PM) are an integral strategy of DOE but with PM motors using about 0.2 kg/kW of neodymium and 0.03 kg/kW of dysprosium for the raw PM materials and with 2012 pricing of $2100/kg for dysprosium and $150/kg for neodymium, the cost of raw PM materials for any PM electric machine system is $95/kW alone and without considering the dire future of PM cost reduction.


Note: The Radial Flux prototyping of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System is shown as our Icon. The production Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System is axial flux form-factor.



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